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Born and raised in the small beach community of San Clemente, CA, Nick Pasquale was a beloved son and brother, as well as a loyal friend. He was born on June 20th, 1993 to parents Mel and Laurie Weber Pasquale and older brother A.J. Pasquale.

Growing up, Nick was a dedicated hard-worker, who inspired others along the way. He was a natural leader with many friends—friendships that stayed with him through high school and college. He was one of those kids who lit up a room and a football field.

From an early age, Nick developed a true passion for football, similar to his dad and brother. However, Nick didn't necessarily possess the physical traits of a football player. When it came to football, he wasn't tall enough, he wasn't big enough, he wasn't fast enough. But on the field, he was more than enough.

Following in his dad and brother's legacy, Nick joined the San Clemente High School's Football Team as a freshman in 2008. Nick started at cornerback on the San Clemente High School's Varsity Team as a sophomore, and was a two-way starter, at cornerback and slot, the next two seasons, including his senior 2011 season in which San Clemente reached the Southern Section Pac-5 Championship.

The 2011 football team was the best in the school's history, and Nick was its heart and soul. He was an all-county player, who did everything he could for the good of the team. As a football player, he sacrificed a lot of his own personal glory for the success of his team. Nick was an offensive player who often played cornerback when his team needed it. He uplifted everybody—he was an awesome kid.

Upon graduating from San Clemente High School in 2012, it was Nick's goal to play college football, and as a preferred walk-on at UCLA, he was finally getting that chance. Nick was listed by UCLA as a receiver who stands 5 feet 7 inches and 172 pounds. Being small, Nick had to work twice as hard as the average football player. Nothing was ever given to Nick—he worked for everything he got, which earned him the nickname “Pacman" by his UCLA teammates. As a freshman at UCLA, Nick went through a redshirt season, but the following season, he was ready to launch his college career.

On Sunday, September 8th 2013, heartbreak fell over San Clemente when news spread that Nick Pasquale was killed in a car accident. Nick was walking home from a friend's house when he was struck and killed by a car. He was 20 years old.

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